POSITION:   Electrician
GROUP:   Area
DEPARTMENT:   Technical Services
IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:   Area Maintenance Manager
POSITION PURPOSE:    To perform repair work and assist with maintenance work as required on rigs in a specified area.


  1. Make repairs as required to all electrical equipment on the rig.
  2. Assist with maintenance activities in accordance with specified frequency and document in the Rig Maintenance System.
  3. Perform all duties in a safe manner and in accordance with operating procedures.
  4. Install new equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications, safe practices, and regulatory requirements.
  5. Assist other Technical Services personnel and Motormen with the preventive maintenance in accordance with the Rig Maintenance System as it applies to all equipment.
  6. Assist Rig Manager in ordering necessary parts and supplies
  7. Participate in pre-job safety meetings and utilize the Sidewinder STRIKE Risk Management Process for all tasks to maintain safe working conditions at all times.
  8. Support the Sidewinder People Development Process to ensure personnel are being developed and made available for promotion opportunities within the company.
  9. Report all incidents.
  10. Reinforce safe behaviors.
  11. Correct any unsafe condition and redirect any unsafe behaviors.
  12. Perform additional duties as directed by the Rig Manager(s).


  1. Must have two (2) or more years of experience as an electrician in the oil or heavy equipment industry.
  2. Completion of an acceptable curriculum at an appropriate trade school is a plus.
  3. Must have an industrial electrical experience in three (3) phase power and power generation and have the ability to read and understand electrical schematics.
  4. Ability to utilize the PLC as a troubleshooting aid is a plus.
  5. This position will be responsible for the repair and maintenance requirements of one (1) or more rigs in a specified area.


To qualify for this position, the employee in addition must meet the following requirements within six (6) months:

Training Requirements:

  1. Attend applicable electrical and VFD schools (prior attendance accepted upon review and approval)
  2. Attend A/C and Refrigeration school (prior attendance accepted upon review and approval)
  3. Attend hydraulic training (prior attendance accepted upon review and approval)
  4. Attend top drive training (prior attendance accepted upon review and approval)
  5. Become knowledgeable of Sidewinder’s Rig Maintenance System
  6. Become knowledgeable of applicable regulatory requirements of the rig assigned
  7. Become thoroughly knowledgeable of the power and distribution systems of the rig to which assigned

License Requirements: Not Applicable

Performance Appraisal: Employee must maintain an acceptable performance review profile.

Supervisor’s Recommendation: If position is acquired by transfer or promotion, it must be accompanied by a written recommendation from this person’s immediate supervisor and Rig Manager.